Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quickie Projects and Hoarding Toddlers

I mentioned in my last WIP Wednesday post that I have a gazillion projects going on. I usually do. I find that, overall, a project is less likely to make me want to poke my eyes out if I do it just a little bit at a time. This is especially true for time consuming projects like Ogee and the Haunted House quilt.

But sometimes... you just need to feel accomplished, right?

So the husband came home Thursday and announced that one of his coworkers is pregnant. YES! Baby quilt time!

"How far along is she?"  "I dunno."
"When is she due?"    "I dunno."
"Does she know the gender? Is she finding out?" "I dunno."

(Insert annoyed face here)

I finally dragged it out of him that she just found out she's pregnant, and he *thinks* she's roughly 8-10 weeks along. Sheesh.

Now, this is where the miracle of miracles occurred. My husband.... dramatic pause.... helped design a quilt. He picked the fabrics, he picked the inspiration quilt, and he even decided how he wanted it quilted!

He chose the Cat in the Hat fabric set from Robert Kaufman fabrics. He wanted it neutral and fun.
He googled, on his own, for similar quilts. He found this one, at Poppy Seed Fabrics.
He debated on whether a free-motion meander would be best or if the straight lines in the original were best.

He emailed me all his choices yesterday, and today, I present to you, the Cat in the Hat quickie quilt!

And the pieced back with other Seuss characters:

All bundled up, with a matching taggy type of toy:

So now, I feel accomplished. I've actually finished something, so that daunting pile of WIPs isn't filled with drudgery anymore. I haven't touched them, but at least I did something, right?

And I leave you with a fun sight from last night... my toddler, the hoarder. That would be three quilts (two are cheaters), four trucks, three stuffed puppies, and three balls. Oh, and a sippy cup. He sleeps like that most nights. :)


Lynne said...

We all just wish our grandson (aged 16 months) would go to bed - even if he did need all that! He insists on being held to sleep!

Congratulations on your finished baby quilt and tag toy! Well done - it looks really good. Congrats to Mr Pickles, too, for his willing input!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

But he's cute!!! :)

I love the Seuss quickie quilt... it's cute. :)

Heidi Grohs said...

Looks so great! She will love it!

I am cracking up...something must be in the air! Why? My hubby was sitting in my studio going through some quilting books so I can make TWO baby quilts for some ladies that work for him.
Please...twist my arm!

Elizabeth Dackson said...

Great way to use those Seuss fabrics - I'm still hoarding mine, waiting for inspiration to strike. That's awesome that your husband was so involved in the quiltmaking, how sweet! And my 3-year old sleeps just like that, too :) Too cute!

Joy said...

Rachel says, "Baby seepin'!" She approves. I would find her like that most mornings when she slept in her own room. :D

Evelene S said...

My grand daughter sleeps with most of her stuffed animals surrounding her like a picket fence, a thermos,5 blankets-none of them actually covering her-and her 2 pillow pet pillows. She is such a hoarder too.
My daughter moved last July and just opened up a tote looking for something and inside was a little baggie of goldfish crackers. Miss KT has been a food hoarder since she could walk.

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