Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday comes around quickly sometimes!

On Ogee:
Squat. It just didn't get squeezed in this week, but I'm hoping to work on it a bit soon!

On Haunted House:
Top's done! Back's pieced! I'm trying to find a space in my house big enough to baste this bad boy. It's 73"x85"... that's massive in my world!
I'm in love. No picture of the backing yet - it's seriously rained every day since I pieced it, and I can't spread it out big enough in my house to take a picture, lol!
It also put me in a mega Halloween mood, so I busted out the piecing for a couple pillow covers:

And the piecing for a table runner:

Since I try to limit the amount of things I have to store - we seriously have NO storage in this house - I'm making my runner reversible. The other side will be Ready Set Snow charms with white corners to create the snowball blocks, and it'll be bound in a green that coordinates with both sides. Yay for only having to store one runner! (No worries, folks, my runners have their own special cupboard, so I don't have to hem and haw about whether this goes in the Halloween box or the Christmas box!)
The Ready Set Snow side is Ready To Go!

On Swoon:
El fin! But... um.. it's rained. A lot. And I haven't gotten a decent photo. Sorry. It's still purdy in a heap, right?

 I've got the rows of three stitched together... hoping to get the 9 patches done and sliced back apart tomorrow night while the husband is teaching his class. I've got a fun idea to make this quilt a bit more special... but you'll just have to stay tuned for that, now won't you?

Somehow, even though I realize what I've accomplished is quite a bit of work, especially considering that I work out of the home, we share a car (which means being out of the house from 6:55 am to after 6 pm most nights... 7 tonight!), and I'm chasing a 2 year old 24/7... I still never feel quite accomplished. I just have so much to do and so little time to do it!

Linking up to Lee as usual!

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Lynne said...

Working outside the home and looking after a two year old - you accomplish more than many before you even think about sewing!

Elizabeth Dackson said...

Wow, you sure are accomplishing a lot! And yes, it sure has been raining a lot, darn that rain! I think your heap is still a pretty one :) Love the houses you made on your Halloween quilt, can't wait to see a big picture of that quilt, great job!!

CityHouseStudio said...

Your haunted houses quilt is just too cute, love it!

Melinda said...

You're a busy little bee! And you've gotten a lot done. Love your projects!

Lynette said...

It's gorgeous in a heap. ;D and yep, that's a lot of basting on the other quilt. I drag my feet basting those biggies because I have to shove all my front-room furniture aside to have a big enough space.

Leanne said...

It is so fun to see halloween things in June! Good idea on the table runner!

Riel Nason said...

You are so on my wavelength making Halloween stuff this time of year. I love Halloween and loved seeing what you've got in the works!!!

Bree said...

I'm loving the Halloween stuff! I'm not crazy about seeing Christmas stuff already, but it's never too soon for Halloween. :)

Lindsay Conner said...

Wow, is that a quilted horse I see! I'm impressed!

Al said...

I am just in awe of everything you've managed to get done this week.

And that Halloween quilt is love!

Marg said...

Wow you certainly accomplished so much. Love all your projects.

Cassie said...

I love the halloween quilt! I am trying not to start anymore seasonal things since I seem to not get them done until a year after I meant to haha

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