Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wicked Wet WIP Wednesday

Back again! Boy, I really appreciate these WIP wednesday posts at Freshly Pieced. I'd never get anything done without them!
As for the wet part... well, that's just hopeful dreaming. They keep telling me it's going to rain but we're getting this pitiful little spits of showers. I want a good rain STORM, folks!
Let's see... last week, I had:
In Progress: Ruffled bedcover
2 tutorials for Riley Blake
Bohemian Festival cover photo quilt
Warden's Cross Scrappy Quilt

I'm happy to say I can check BOTH of the tutorials off the list.. at least, the sewing part of them. I finished both projects and got all the photos done - now to finalize the documents! Want a sneak peek?

A festive holiday project with Santa's Workshop, instructions coming 7/2. Fabric is available now -  get yourself a Rollie Pollie or some yardage so you'll be ready when the tutorial comes out!
(I found lots of yardage at UberStitch on Etsy!)

and some cute kissy lips... wonder what it could be? Bohemian Festival pincushion coming 6/29!

I made zero progress on the ruffled bedcover, but am hoping to get some cutting done tonight.

I did, however, get completely sucked into my Warden's Cross blocks. You know, I didn't necessarily even plan on making a quilt with these? Now I can't seem to stop. Not sure where it's headed, but I'm up to 7 blocks done!

This one is my favorite right now:

or maybe this one...

Either way, they're a blast to make and have been sucking me in!

So now, we're up to...
In Progress: Ruffled bedcover
Bohemian Festival cover photo quilt
Warden's Cross Scrappy Quilt
Finished: 2 tutorials for Riley Blake
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Lynne said...

That Santa fabric is so cute!

And the Warden's Cross blocks are stunning in your choice of fabrics.

Anonymous said...

The Warden's Cross blocks are beautiful colours!

Kristy QP said...

The Warden's Cross blocks look fabulous! Great colour choices!

Jessica Kelly said...

Eeek, those Wardens Cross blocks look awesome! I may need to jump on this bandwagon asap!

Al said...

The one with the hedgies is my fave too.

Emily said...

Love all the purples!

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