Thursday, May 10, 2012

Workin' it on Thursday

I totally missed the WIP Wednesday link up, but thought I'd go ahead and share what I've been working on anyway. I've been a bit quiet out there in internet land, my friends in a box are probably wondering where the heck I am right now. Don't worry guys, all is well!

I've kept the momentum rolling from my busy weekend and have been steady working on ongoing projects, one in particular actually.

I offered to make a baby quilt for the husband's boss. His wife is expecting a baby boy any day now and I was a bit late getting started. I ordered the fabric ages ago and had a plan in mind for about the same amount of time, but I just kept putting it off. For some reason the pattern I picked just wasn't speaking to me. 

Fortunately I showed it the husband one more time before getting started and he nixed it and quickly found an alternative. Unfortunately for me, the alternative meant a lot of applique, which I despise doing. I love applique, as long as I'm not the one that has to do it. So slowly but surely I have been making appliques.

Here's a little sneaky peek, courtesy of Miss Sassy Pants

Miss Sassy Pants

I'm trying really hard to finish this one by the weekend so I'll share more pics and details later, promise!

I went to help out at the quilt shop last weekend. There was a festival downtown that day, which happens to be where the shop is located, and I figured it would either be really busy from the increased foot traffic, or really dead because people were enjoying the festival and the locals who weren't attending were staying far away from the area. Unfortunately it was the latter of the two. Rhonda and I got a good gab session in though and I took my double wedding ring fabric with me and managed to finish cutting all of the solid for it! Yay!

DWR pieces all cut out!

I really hope to start working on the piecing for this soon.

I made a plan for the backing for the Hideaway Off the Rail quilt too and got some cutting done. Like my mock up? Who needs graph paper? 

Backing plan for Off the Rail

What I really want to be working on are my entries for the My Precious Quilt Along. The Castle Peeps top I did will be my May entry, quilt tops only are acceptable. I don't know what I want to do for the backing yet so I won't stress over it just yet. I want to finish up the Neptune wall hanging for the June entry since it's the closest to being done and I actually have what I need to do it. 

This though, this is what I really want to be working on right now.

Prince Charming My Precious block

I'm only three blocks in on my Prince Charming quilt and I really want to have more done. I had a lot of fun with these three and the fabric just sits in the corner of my cutting table, teasing me. This will be my July entry if I can get some time to work on it. 


I have a couple of finishes to share with you guys, I'll post one of them tomorrow so be sure to come back. I think I'm going to link the other one up to the Summer Sewing Series, I need to find out the details on that and see if it's eligible, I'll share it real soon though. If you didn't know I was a Tula Pink fan before, you'll definitely know it by the time I get done showing you what I've finished!


Anonymous said...

You tease. Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeves. Very nice. Love love love the Prince Charming block.
Karen J..

Al said...

You're rather brave. I've currently sworn off doing applique.
Love love love the Prince Charming.

Leanne said...

Wow Julie, those are all such great projects!

Melinda said...

Love the Prince Charming. And Miss Sassy Pants is quite the cutie!! I had to tell you I laughed so hard at your comment over at Sew Allegorical! I admit it...I do enter a LOT of giveaways. But in my defense, my winning does seem to come in spurts...and luckily I'm having one right now! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket...(teehee!)

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