Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday

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Hey WIP Wednesdayers! I know it's Tuesday, but if I don't post now, I'm going to forget and kick myself all day at work tomorrow.

I thought I lost my sewjo, but it's back a bit, and Lee's WIP Wednesday Posts are always a huge motivator.

My sewjo was almost killed by this crazy Crown Royal quilt that I've been working on for over two months, and I can happily say is no longer a WIP, but a completed item!

This puppy is massive, if you ask me. It measures 80x80, and uses 64 Crown Royal bags, plus 5 yards of Kona Banana and nearly 6 yards of Kona Purple! Just a tip, if you ever get a request to make one of these - keep extra rotary blades on hand. These bags tore my blades to shreds!

I've got a few pressing projects in progress. First up are two new tutorials for Riley Blake Designs' Cutting Corners College, to be posted at the end of June and early July, so keep a look out! Some sneaky peeks of what I'm getting to play with:
(A little Santa's Workshop, perhaps?)

(and some Bohemian Festival? LOVE me some Lila Tueller!)

I lucked out a bit on the Bohemian Festival. There was a miscommunication on the fabric requirements for one of my tutorials, and they sent way more than I needed. A-okay with me! The extra is hopefully going to become the cover quilt for my first PDF pattern, which I hope to have released by July!

I'm also working on a crazy anthro-inspired ruffled bed-cover for my hairdresser. We're doing some cool stuff, but no photos quite yet. I'll post a photo of the finished bed cover, along with the fabulous new hair she's doing for me when they're both done!

And to keep me sane, a little touch of Warden's Cross. I'm pulling scraps from my stash here and there and just working on a block at a time. Not sure how big it's going to be when it's done, but I'm digging it so far:

So, let's see:
Recently completed: Crown Royal
In Progress: Ruffled bedcover
                    2 tutorials for Riley Blake
                    Bohemian Festival cover photo
                    Warden's Cross Scrappy Quilt
Not Started: Swoon using Dolce and Kona Azure

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Jessica Kelly said...

Great projects Bree! Love those Wardens cross blocks, love scrap projects!!

WoolenSails said...

Your quilt is beautiful, love the colors. I need to finish some larger ones and I really need to make one for my bed, getting warmer now, so need a lighter one for the summer.


Lee said...

Those Wardens Cross blocks are beautiful! Love the colors. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

Lynne said...

The quilt looks great and the new fabric was such an amazing contrast.

Heidi Grohs said...

I think it looks amazing!!!

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