Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cosmic Burst Quilt Along-The Linky Party!

I do apologize for being so slack in getting this posted, but I was really enjoying my weekend and am just winding down now, at 10:00 PM Sunday night. I went and helped out at the snazzy new quilt shop all day yesterday and worked on a new project after I got home. What is it about being around all that yummy fabric that makes you want to dig in and start sewing!? 

Then today we spent the morning trying to break into the hubster's truck because he locked his keys in it. Ok, that part wasn't very enjoyable, but the sewing after and the fantastic dinner at mom's with the whole family (followed by playing in the yard with the kids and the grass fight with my sister) really was fun. The kidlets are all tucked in bed for the night and the husband is asleep, so finally some quiet time to work up a blog post!

Tonight I'm going to do some sharing. I'm not going to just share my stuff though, I'm going to share yours too! 

Your quilts have been looking so amazing in the Flickr group. I am really loving everybody's interpretation of the pattern and all of the fun fabric combinations. I'm really loving how creative everybody is getting with the center square too!

This one is Ella's, made with Parisville by Tula Pink. I am a total Tula fan, in case you haven't already figured that out, and am LOVING the way this looks in Parisville!

Cosmic Burst top

This one is from Nathessy, who made it for her co-worker, a 6 year breast cancer survivor!


This is from fordhook1, I really love the patriotic theme she chose for hers. She ended up including a pine tree and embroidering the name Lake Alamanor on it, since that is where she'll be keeping it. You can see her finished center square if you pop on over to the Flickr group.

Cosmic Burst

This one is from Cassie. I love the vintage feel hers has and how she made the small diamond in the middle of the center square and used the same color as the star points around it. It really pops!

Cosmic burst top finished!

This one is from Karen, my real life friend who I go spend a weekend sewing with each Spring (and who also did the tube quilting tutorial here on the blog!). She went super bright and bold to bring out the colors in her focal fabric. These colors are totally outside of her norm and so much fun!


And last but not least, this one is from Dede. I love her fabric choices here, the way the reds radiate out from the middle, the way the green gives it just a bit of a pop and how the black really says "Hey, look at me!". This is such a fun color grouping! She's having a hard time deciding on her middle piece so go over to Flickr and help her out!

all done except for the middle!

Aren't they all just gorgeous!? They seriously make me smile every time I see a new one. There are many more people working on theirs, just a tad behind, so make sure you go check out their progress and cheer them on!

And now here is mine all finished! I chose to quilt mine by following the seams inside the solid areas only, just like I did for the mini. I wanted to do minimal quilting and keep the focus on the lines of the pattern for this one. 

Cosmic Burst Quilt Along-finished

I kept the back really simple, just pieced a strip of a print going in either direction to make the solid piece that I had large enough to accommodate the quilt top. You can see the sleeve I made for hanging across the top. 

Cosmic Burst Quilt Along back

Well, I hope everybody had, or is having, a great time putting this one together. As much as I hate making HSTs I find myself flying through this pattern and wanting to make it again and again. There is actually already another one being planned for someone special, I'll share the details on that one later because I know you're waiting for the linky party.

Ok, here goes! At the very bottom of this post,  you will see the linky party. Link up your finished quilt or quilt top (it has to be at least a finished top) by Monday, May 21st. That will give everybody one last full weekend to work on it and then a full day to get it photographed, blogged (or added to Flickr) and then linked up. 

On Tuesday, May 22nd, Bree and I will use to draw a name from the linked up quilts for the fat quarter bundle of Dainty Blossoms, courtesy of Riley Blake. 

Let us know if you have any questions or need any help with anything, we're always here!


Kristy fordhook1 said...

How cool, they are completely different! sorry I didn't update a photo on Flickr yet, I was too excited to get quilting on it. Might take more than a few days to quilt, I made the 70 x 70 size! looking forward to linking up to the party soon.

Ella said...

I still have to baste mine. Thanks for including it in the roundup! This was a really fun QAL.

Cassie said...

I love the colors you used! Thanks for a great qal :)

Rebecca said...

I'm almost done with mine! Will enter by the weekend. So fun seeing such a variety of prints.

Lynne said...

Wow! I love looking at variation on the same pattern - it's amazing how different they can be, isn't it?

Marci Girl said...

Wow, I made it just in time! I agree with Lynne, what an amazing amount of variation with the same pattern! Awesome!

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